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Coffee in Kelowna - Medium roast

So when talking about medium roast coffee here in Kelowna, this can scare some people. What I don't mean is that they are afraid to talk about it. What I mean is, 'hey try this……' - response 'no, I only like dark roast! Over the years I have been in coffee from many many cafe experiences, I believe the fear of medium roast coffee's is due to a...

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Coffee in Kelowna - Dark roast

Here in Kelowna, we have quite a few coffee roasters who actually roast their own beans. There are some that claim to roast their own here in the Okanagan, and some who claim to actually roast them themselves, but that is a whole other blog post for some other time. Some have their own store fronts and some sell their beans at local farmers markets...

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